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CurioCity March 20, 2014

Ristocolor is a historic tram converted into a restaurant. On board, live music and traditional Piedmontese cuisine.


CurioCity January 3, 2014

Toret means small bull, the symbol of Torino. From these green painted fountains you can drink...

The little finger

CurioCity January 1, 2014

The little finger of Cristoforo Colombo is considered a good luck charm.It has been rebuilt because...

Torino, European Capital of Sport 2015

News & events January 2, 2014

The italian city of Torino has been nominated recently as European Capital of Sport 2015. It...

Historical Carnival of Ivrea

News & events January 2, 2014

The famous Historical Carnival, known for the traditional oranges war, takes place in Ivrea.It is the...

Turin Eye : the anchored hot air balloon

News & events January 2, 2014

It is positioned in the Borgo Dora - close to Porta Palazzo market - and it quickly has become one of the...

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